WHAT IS #HugelDay?

On November 4, #HugelDay will be celebrating its 14th anniversary!

First started in the United States in 2009, this event, celebrated in wine merchants and restaurants, puts the spotlight on the Alsace wines of the Famille Hugel.

At the heart of Riquewihr since 1639, the 13th generation of Famille Hugel continue to represent and support the Alsacian identity with wines giving the purest expression of Alsace Terroir.

The visuals of the #HugelDay campaign 2023 feature the Hugel identifying colors, Yellow and Red with the slogan ’Spice up your Life’ back with new images celebrating the fun spirit of Famille Hugel.

Why these two colors?

In 1918 Alsace became part of France again, and its winemakers had to face up to profound economic change and rethink the packaging of their wines.

Prior to this, Jean HUGEL, the father and grandfather of the current generations, had trained in the marketing department of MAGGI™, the famous Swiss food brand.
At that time, market research into the presentation of its products showed that YELLOW, RED and GOLD were the preferred colors, and these were quickly adopted by the company.
The young Jean HUGEL rapidly (and effectively) assimilated the findings of this research and thus, since 1921, HUGEL wines have been recognizable worldwide by their famous yellow, red and gold labels….

#HugelDay is a celebration of moments of everyday life that incorporate these two colors of predilection, the lucky charms of the Maison Hugel.

Alsace and its great wines will once again be displaying their splendour on 4 November 2023 in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and many other cities around the globe.
For Hugel craftsmanship, transmitted from generation to generation since 1639, is today diffused and appreciated in no less than 100 countries.